Maruti Glaze Tiles is a 23 Years Old Company,
Driven with Positive Attitudes and Well-defined Objectives. We are professional in export tiles to all over the world, for example, USA, Asian, Africa, U.E, Brazil, Middle East country

Corporate Vision

Maruti Glaze Tiles Ltd. began with the aim to create a strong presence as a quality oriented company committed to deliver TILE quality incorporating strength, colours & colour fastness, designs, and an integral, enduring structure of quality materials to its customers.

Quality Driven, Professionally Managed

Quality dominates every aspect of the entire procedure of Glaze Tile manufacture, from manufacturing right through to packaging and dispatch. Stringent inspection and monitoring procedures prevent ingress of any impurities in the manufacturing plant, such as stray frit particles, dust, chemicals etc.

Maruti Glaze Tiles fare better in strength compared to the competition products. The materials and ingredients in the composition of the tiles ensure longer life in terms of colour & molecular strength.

Thorough professionals in the field of ceramic science man the operations. The management and marketing cadre strive to fulfill the Company’s objectives and reach targets of perfection and growth for the next five years. As a result the products manufactured excel not only by domestic standards but also global quality parameters.

From R & D To Customer Care

Maruti Glaze Tiles Ltd.’s R & D facility works toward zero defect manufacture. The Company’s managing executives are at work on implementing corporate values which include team work, symbolizing the synergic strength of the Company.

Designs created and deployed in tile manufacture are created with customers and the market in mind— the tiles are lifestyle-fashioned. Maruti prioritizes Customer Care as a highlight of the Company credo. Thisattitude includes working with designers and customizing products for volume orders.

From India With Love

Maruti Glaze Tiles Ltd. cherishes its clientele as one cherishes a valuable guest. One of the Company’s beliefs is that the customer is the advertiser of one’s products. A satisfied customer is not merely a framed credential; he is the living, vital link to a wider, growing clientele.

With these attitudes governing Maruti’s corporate mind-set, the Company is already responding to overseas inquiries with zealous promptness and the promise of quality—a promise that is already fulfilled with the obsession with quality.